About us

EPG Financial Services Ltd.

EPG Financial Services Ltd Malta was founded in January 2015 and is a 100 % subsidiary of the Euro Payment Group GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany.

Euro Payment Group GmbH (EPG) is a German based limited liability company founded in 2005. In the same year EPG became a payment services provider and later in 2008 EPG became fully accredited as a PCI Level 1 compliant provider, the highest level of compliance under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (ISO 27001/2). EPG is one of the few independent payment services providers in Germany and is integrated with a number of major international acquirers.

In order to fulfill all requirements of the new PSD ( Payment Service Directive) as well as the additional requirements for the gaming Industry regarding Customer Onboarding /KYC  coming from the AML/CFT legislation etc, the Euro Payment Group in Frankfurt decided to come to Malta and found the EPG Financial Services Ltd. This gives us the option to offer a all inclusive Package to our customers, tailored to their special needs.

The strength of EPG relies in its technology and management expertise. Management developed a state-of-the-art system that provides an optimised, secure and efficient payment system and payment services to e-commerce merchants,that exceed industry requirements for standards and robustness. Furthermore, the philosophy of EPG is that of doing open business with customers fostering a relationship based on trust, fairness and full transparency. The vision of the company is to become a large end-to-end payment services provider for e-commerce merchants.

In order to improve its services offering, EPG focuses on continuous development and it combines technologies, services, and security into optimised payment solutions for online e-commerce merchants to trade their goods and services.

Services Portfolio

  • Execution of direct debits, including one-off direct debits
  • Execution of payment transactions through a payment card or a similar device
  • Execution of credit transfers, including standing orders
  • Issuing and/or acquiring of payment instruments
  • Carrying out payment transactions where the consent of the payer to a payment transaction is transmitted by means of an electronic device.

Products Portfolio

  • Payment gateway services – Payment data over the Internet adopting high security measures
  • Acquiring services for e-commerce merchants
  • Merchant account services including online payment processing of card and bank payments
  • Risk and fraud management
  • Chargeback and dispute handling.

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