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Once you have found the best payment option at the Euro Payment Group GmbH you will be move to the Technical Integration team. Related to your PCI-DSS* level we take a look at your currenty implementation and suggest you the most fitting and effective way to send payments from your shopping basket to our payment processing gateway.


Hosted Payment Page

Our hosted Payment Page is the easiest way to connect to our payment gateway. You do not need to have technical PCI-DSS & Security certificates. With an API call you request a link from our system where you will redirect your customer. Within this hosted payment page the client will execute his payment and you will be informed about the result. There is no need for you to handle secure card information etc.

Direct API

By using our Direct API (Paygate Server2Server API) you have the full control about the payment processing. You will send all neccesary payment information (client details, card information, payment details) to our processing gateway and you will receive a synchron transaction result in less than 2 seconds. You can handle Subscriptions, Rebills, Refunds etc. directly from our own backend and control your payments with a HTTPS based POST API.

A dedicated technical representative will guide you through the whole process of integration.

  • Solution finder

    Based on your security level and development experience we find a solutions how to connect to our API

  • Integration support

    We will support you and guide you during the whole implementation process. Together with your development team we help you to implement our payment solutions in a most effective and professional way.

  • Live Boarding

    After your have finished your integration we will review everything and guide you through the boarding process to start collecting money!

  • Live processing support

    We are always reachable for your if you have questions or problems with your processing. Our technical support team knows your business specials