Frequently asked questions

It is a special kind of Bank Account existing for the purpose of holding funds captured from credit and debit card sales. This is where payments go after you have initiated a payment and within a certain time frame , those payments will be transfered out to a normal Bank Account, in most cases on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the risk of the Acquirers.

If you want to accept payment options like for example credit cards, wire transfer (SEPA), PayPal, etc., you need a Merchant Account Provider that is connected to all major payment options.

EPG Financial Ltd. is specialized in this business and is able to provide you a fully tailored package according to your needs.

We assist merchants from all industries, including digital entertainment (dating, gaming, gambling, etc.). After reviewing your application we will give you an upfront indication of what options may be currently available for your business. Our goal is to provide you the payment options which will give you the edge over your competition.

Information needs to be send while processing a payment. The Information needs to be transferd in order to see, if the cardholder has sufficient funds to pay the sale.

The payment gateway receives the transaction request and connects to Visa or Mastercard etc. and straight away to the customers card issuing bank to check the sufficiency of the funds. If there is enough cash, the transaction will be taken out of the account and will be transferd to the related merchant account. In addition, the payment gateway has several security and fraud tools connected. These mechanisms make sure, that the merchant and the user has the highest security standard in place when he is entering his personal data and sensible payment data on a website.

The payment processor is the services the payment gateway sends transaction requests to. The payment processor then handles the transaction request and sends the authorization and settlement files from Visa and MasterCard. It distributes them across the network to the various payment gateways and merchant account providers. Other aspects of the transaction such as the handling of chargeback requests and settlement are also done by payment processors. It is a generalized term to refer to a company that processes Visa and MasterCard payments.

To minimize the risk to lose money while processing a payment on behalf of your company/business, there is an application process.

As soon as you have fullfilled all requirements and all relevant documents have been sent and approved, the Merchant account will be created as soon as possible. There is no time frame to mention, as we treat all our application with care and special attention due to the fact, that every applicant is different and deserves individual service.

In order to get the approval for a merchant Account, there are different procedures for each individual applicant. The first step is to fill in our Pre-check-Form and send it back to us.

After receiving the form, we will check the data provided and will get back to you to provide the relevant information to you.

There are no special requirements as such. Our Technical Integration Team will suggest you the most fitting and effective way to send payments to our payment processing gateway.

  • Execution of direct debits, including one-off direct debits
  • Execution of payment transactions through a payment card or a similar device;
  • Execution of credit transfers, including standing orders
  • Issuing and/or acquiring of payment instruments
  • Carrying out payment transactions where the consent of the payer to a payment transaction is transmitted by means of an electronic device.
  • Payment gateway services – Payment data over the Internet adopting high security measures
  • Acquiring services for e-commerce merchants
  • Merchant account services including online payment processing of card and bank payments
  • Risk and fraud management
  • Chargeback and dispute handling.