Our IPSP – epgbill.com

Sponsored/Client Accounts (VISA/MC)

The monetary aspect of e-commerce for online sponsored/client accounts is our core business – a service area that requires a maximum of mutual trust. We achieve this relationship by means of clearly structured agreements, transparent workflows, consistent risk management, fair and open cooperation and competitive conditions. In this way, we enable our customers to concentrate on their actual business goal.

We focus on long-term collaboration that is fruitful for all involved and the continuous expansion of our sponsored/client account and partner network. Our course is determined by the needs and requirements of our customers and acquiring partners. Our individual solution concepts include the results of meticulous, self-critical analyses and positive as well as negative experiences.

EPGBILL.COM commonly acts as an Authorized Sales Agent, E-Ticket Supplier and Payment Processor for its customers offering comprehensive services and access to the VISA and MasterCard networks through a sponsored/client account solution called Fully Outsourced Structure (“FOS”).

FOS’s services can broadly be described as follows:

FOS is a secure and carefree solution to your online payment processing needs. With FOS, we’ll take care of the entire checkout process. After shopping on your site, customers are taken to an IPS-hosted payment gateway and complete their online payment transaction through an EPGBILL.COM’ SSL-encrypted payment page. Sponsored/Client accounts who chose FOS can expect:

  • Carefree transactions – we’ll do all the work, from information collection to customer service.
  • No upfront fees and low cost individual sponsored/client accounts.
  • Checkout process completed on an SSL-encrypted EPGBILL.COM’s payment page.
  • Transactions to be captured by EPGBILL.COM’s order form.
  • The descriptor appearing on cardholder statements to reflect EPGBILL.COM’s name.
  • Customer service help desk telephone number appearing on cardholder statements to be at EPGBILL.COM’s callcenter.
  • Fast and easy approval.
  • An efficient payout process that ensures you get your money at a consistent pace.
  • Full support from EPGBILL.COM’s team throughout all processes.